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Thank you to everyone who attended the first Russian Heritage Week in Australia and thank you to the National Trust for including Heritage Week as part of the Australian Heritage Festival program. We were overwhelmed by your interest in Russian culture in Brisbane. All events were booked out and we all learnt so much from our speakers and from you, our guests! As our lovely presenters send through information, we will add it here so that you can revisit what was explored during their talks and tours, and perhaps dig a little deeper into your heritage. Please contact us with any special requests for info, and get in touch with us to be part of Russian Heritage Week next year.

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Here are some pics and resources from each event:


Harbin Russians

Dr Jayne Persian shared with us her research into the waves of Russian immigration that came to Australia via Harbin, China. Dr Jayne is embarking upon creating the first ever list of Russians who arrived to Australia via Harbin. Keep an eye out for her progress and get in touch with her to be part of it.

Dr Jayne Persian’s slides can be found here Harbin Russians talk – slides.compressed

To get in touch with DR Jayne and share your family history with her, please contact her here.



We donned white gloves and were treated to an up-close experience at the State Library of Queensland of the Russian treasures of the John Oxley library. Nataliya shared her knowledge about the items that she lovingly and painstakingly curated and catalogued, including an 1888 Book of Psalms from Tsar Alexander III’s Gatchina Palace Library.

Here is a blog post written by Nataliya back when she discovered the important Russian papers we saw during this tour. It’s a great read!

If you have some papers describing your family’s arrival to Australia, and you want to preserve them for future generations, consider donating them to the State Library of QLD. In 100 years, we could be visiting the library to look at pictures of you and your family! Contact Catherine Cottle to discuss donating your family photos and items to the library.



Dr Mikhaylova’s shared her boundless knowledge and energy with us, inspiring us to work on our Russian language skills, to be proud of our bilingualism – no matter how fluent (or not fluent) we might be. Dr Anna gave us simple strategies and tools to nurture our Russian language in ourselves and in future generations.

Dr Anna welcomes you to contact her here.

Follow the UQ Russian program, attend free events, screenings and conversations sessions and learn more about the program here.

Read Dr Anna’s slides from her talk by clicking here: HeritageWeek.Lecture.slides

Dr Anna has also put together a list of language resources available to parents and learners here: RussianResources



You can read more about St Nicholas Cathedral, find out schedule of services and more on the website here.

To learn more about Canon Garland and the cathedral’s connection to ANZAC Day, visit the Canon Garland Memorial Society website.

Did you know that aside from being the Deacon of the St Nicholas Parish, the chief bell-ringer, and the leader of the Russian Orthodox Choir of Brisbane – our tour guide Fr Vladimir is also an engineer and an entrepreneur? Check out ai-menu.com!


The 2018 Program:

Heritage Week Highlights



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